Pupil Skills

Group of calisthenics performers

Developed by the Australian Society of Calisthenics in 1979 to raise the standards of Calisthenics and to unify terminology and technique, the Calisthenics Skills Program has now been implemented Australia wide. The syllabus, which is determined by the ACF, is taught throughout Australia and is setting high standards of training of pupils each year.

The syllabus is designed to develop:

  • Fitness
  • Sense of achievement
  • Flexibility
  • Musicality
  • Co-ordination and Rhythm
  • Deportment and posture

Girls can choose to participate in skills levels through Calisthenics Victoria dependent on their age. Girls are required to complete their levels if they wish to compete in solo competitions or undertake their cadetship. This program is designed for participants to personally achieve and improve their technique and skills. Newport Calisthenics is committed to supporting and encouraging all students who wish to undertake these examinations.

The ACF Calisthenics Skills Programme is a National Examination Program administered by each State/Territory calisthenics association within Australia. The ACF determines the syllabus which covers the finer points of technique in March, Free Exercises, Clubs, Rods, Aesthetics and Dance, in addition to flexibility and musical appreciation.

NCC coaches can provide coaching, either individually or in small groups, and examinations are held at various venues and times throughout the Calisthenics year.

Members aged 7 and above whom wish to participate in solo, duo or graceful girl competitions are required to achieve the standard as determined by Calisthenics Victoria. In addition, members who wish to progress towards Class Assistant, Cadet Coach, or obtaining a Level 1 coaching qualification, must attain certain levels of pupil skills to proceed. This ensures consistency and that they can demonstrate and teach correct technique. Age requirements for each level are available on the Calisthenics Victoria website.